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This rhythmic, high energy style of dance is seen in today’s theatres, it is a combination of stage performance, Jazz, Contemporary and other dance styles. The grades develop through a series of structured warm-ups, isolations and expressive movement. Students learn combined and travelling steps, turns and leaps as well as unstructured routines to suit all flavours, to upbeat, lyrical and contemporary music. The classes include adapted exercises for boys. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to be creative, perform, improvise and work in groups to choreograph their own arrangements. Exams can be taken in all grades.  From Grade 3 level, pupils are encouraged to attend twice weekly lessons in order to make the adequate progress to be considered for their exams. Our Groovy Movers class starts from age 5, progressing onto the Modern Theatre grades. Beginners are welcome at any age into the appropriate grade.


We also offer a separate Stretch and Limbering classes from grade 4 level, and Teen Jazz.

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