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From 3 years old our Pre-School lessons are a great introduction to ballet and dance. We help to enhance our younger dancers imaginations, co-ordination, balance, poise to name a few through make-believe, mime, props and fun dances. We aim to nurture their natural love of music, movement and dance in a structured yet relaxed positive class. Encouraging your child to begin dance at a young age will increase their chances of staying physically active throughout life, therefore improving their overall health. Dance develops essential motor patterns that are a key part of many sports meaning that dance at this age is not solely dancing. Not only does dance positively influence a child’s physical development but also their cognitive development, they are learning both time-management and self-discipline. These skills are transferable to other parts of life, such as schoolwork.


Children grow in confidence, earning stickers and stamps as they express themselves through dance and learn new skills, as well as making lots of friends. From here they can progress to Pre-Primary ballet or explore modern dance or tap dance.


Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance, therefore ability in this classical style will benefit all dancers. The elegance and poise that comes from learning ballet is an undeniable asset. The syllabus has been carefully created to be taught healthily at all levels. Pupils have the option to take an ISTD credited exam in all grades.


From Grade 3 level, pupils are encouraged to attend twice-weekly lessons in order to make adequate progress to be considered for their exams.  Beginners are welcome at any age into the appropriate grade. We offer a pointe work class for selected older students, at the teacher's discretion.


Classes are held at St. Mary's Church, The Brighton Academy, Downs Junior and Infant Schools. All local to Fiveways and Preston Park.


Younger children enjoy using their feet as instruments making rhythms and different qualities of sound with their tap shoes. Older children enjoy the speed and challenge of learning new tap steps and skills. The grades are fun, up-to-date and introduce all types of music and time signatures. 


Tap progresses through the grades using more complex beats, steps and rhythms. Classes start from age 5 although beginners are welcome at any age into the appropriate grade. ISTD tap exams can be taken in all grades and levels.


Our children's tap dance lessons are held in at The Brighton Academy and St. Mary's Church Hall.


We also hold Adult tap courses and advertised when a new course will be starting.

Modern Theatre

This rhythmic, high energy style of dance is seen in today’s theatres, it is a combination of stage performance, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and other dance styles. The modern theatre dance grades develop through a series of structured warm-ups, isolations and expressive movement. Students learn combined and travelling steps, turns and leaps as well as choreographed routines to suit all flavours.


The classes, taught near Preston Park and Fiveways (Brighton), include adapted exercises for boys. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to be creative, perform, improvise and work in groups to choreograph their own arrangements. Exams can be taken in all grades of modern dance.  Our Groovy Movers class starts from age 5, progressing onto the modern dance grades. Beginners are welcome at any age into the appropriate grade.

Street, Contemporary and Flexibility

This fun lively class includes street dance, contemporary dance, along with both commercial to lyrical dance styles mixed with stretch and flexibility training. Students enjoy learning one of these styles per half term culminating in a new routine. Stretch and flexibility is taught within the lesson each week.


We also offer a combo class from 10yrs which includes strength and flexibility training, contemporary and street/commercial. 

Classes run on Wednesday at Varndean High School dance studio, Brighton.
Lessons are in two age groups: 10 - 12 years & 13 -16 years.

Boys Beats

As progressive as society is today, when we mention dancing, many of us instantly think of
a girl. Of course, there are many amazing female dancers, but some of the best dancers of
the past millennium have been men: from Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gene Kelly to Joaquin
Cortes and Carlos Acosta! These dancers have not only refuted the stereotype that
dancing is a “female” activity—they have left their marks on the art form in a big way.

Our Boys dance classes, Tap and combined Jazz lesson named ‘Boys Beats’ run on
Friday afternoons at our St. Mary’s venue, Preston Park, Brighton.
4.15 - 4.45pm Tap 5 - 7 years
4.45 - 5.15pm Jazz General level
5.15 - 5.45pm Tap 8+ ISTD exam can be taken

Benefits of Dance Lessons for Boys

- Improves Physical Fitness

- Boosts Self-Confidence

- Develops Motivation

Dance Combo Class
Boys Beats
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