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  • Enrolment at Dance Art Studio is ongoing so does not need to be renewed in-between terms to continue. 

  • Cancellation of this enrolment must be submitted by email with a half a terms notice (no less than 6 x classes) prior to a term ending. 

  • If for any reason the requested notice to leave has not been given or received within the requested timeframe the following half a term's fee will be charged. 

  • Cancellations cannot be given during the holidays as your child has already been saved their place. This policy is in place to run reliable lessons for all, secure our venues and teachers.



  • We will send out an invoice for the succeeding term before the end of an active one. Please pay by the due date which is advance of your 1st lesson. There is a late payment charge of £15 should we need to send a reminder.

  • Discounts are given for siblings and for children who attend more than one class a week. Discounted invoices may pay in instalments.



  • We cannot offer refunds. We are flexible with lesson makeup’s if your child has to miss. 

  • If we have to cancel lessons for any reason (illness/weather) a makeup date will be arranged.

  • Dance Art Studio reserve the right to dismiss any person from attending at any time for inappropriate behaviour. No refund will be given.



  • Dancers are required to wear the correct style and colour leotards, footwear and warm-up items recommended by us to their lessons. We suggest children have these by their fourth lesson so they feel part of the class which is important. We can also supply pre-loved clothes and shoes so please ask. Hair must be tied up in an appropriate style for the lesson and back off faces. No jewellery.



  • Children from Primary level start working towards taking their 1st dance exam. Parents are informed by email when their child is looking ready. This is at the teacher's discretion, all children will progress at different stages. We are responsible for your child's physical health and wouldn’t suggest entering a child who wasn’t ready. These exams are optional but it is highly recommended as they are so valuable. All children receive extra training in the run-up to the exam, these are an additional cost.



  • All dancers from Grade one are invited to take part in our productions or outside events. Our younger dancers have the opportunity to perform to their family and friends in our twice-yearly open days.



  • From time to time we may take a photo or video for promotional purposes (our social media platforms, posters or community booklets). Videos may be taken in classes to aid training as it’s helpful to show dancers any areas that need extra practise. These videos are deleted once they’ve been shown. We may also video our choreography for reference when preparing for exams or performances. No child/young person will be named. 

  • Parents/carers must not take photos/videos during classes. 

  • Please notify Lynda Forster in writing should you wish your child not to be photographed or filmed.



  • Please read our policy



  • A copy of our safeguarding policy is available on request.

  • All staff working with your child are DBS checked and fully qualified. Please see the staff list.





In order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which replaces the current Data Protection Act (DPA) with effect from 25 May 2018, Dance Art Studio would like to inform you of our policies that we have in place.




Dance Art Studio will process Parents and Students confidential information given on their enrolment form – which includes names, DOB, contact details and classes to attend only for the below business purposes. The data will be stored securely, no longer than necessary and solely for the completion of those business activities.


All staff are GDPR compliant and have signed a privacy declaration.

By submitting this form you agree to Dance Art Studio using both Parents and Students data in the following ways:


*Take class registers - all classes are recorded by law

*Keep up-to-date records of contact details, progress records and medical history on our database

*Process insurance documents

*Send out invoices and keep a record of accounts

*In case of an emergency – Log in the accident book

*Send out newsletters/offers/changes to lessons/discuss anything relating to your class

Parents and Students information is shared with third parties for the purpose of:

Having gained your permission to share your information to third parties purposes (list below) we are not responsible for what happens to your data after this.

*Exam entry forms - ISTD

*Performance Licence - Local Authorities

*Names printed/displayed in programmes and on exam/performance schedules *Registered chaperones to keep registers/check-in/out sheets

*Emergency services – First Aid Staff

*Insurance Company - In the event of a claim

*Debt recovery agencies - In the event of non-payment of fees/items

* Dance software installation company.

You can withdraw your consent to the storing of your information at any time.

Policy Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this Equal Opportunities Policy is to communicate our commitment to equality of opportunity in employment, with the aims of ensuring that all those working at or applying to work at Dance Art Studio are treated fairly and equally, and supporting Dance Art Studio objective of providing a working environment that is free from discrimination.
The policy applies to all staff including dance teachers, guest teachers and support staff. All staff are expected to put this policy into practice. A copy of this policy will be distributed to all those working at Dance Art Studio and will be made available to other workers on their engagement. Job seekers and applicants will be sent a copy of the policy on request. Any questions about the policy should be directed to Lynda Forster, Manager and Principal. The policy is regularly reviewed and may be amended at any time.

Policy Statement
Dance Art Studio is fully committed to providing equality in the workplace and all opportunities will be afforded to individuals fairly and irrespective of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race including colour, ethnic or national origins and nationality, religion or belief or sexual orientation. We aim to create a working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment in any form, in which all staff, students and parents are treated with dignity and respect.

Dance Art Studio will not unlawfully discriminate in the arrangements we make for recruitment and selection of staff or in the opportunities afforded for employment. All decisions will be made fairly and objectively. We aim, as far as reasonably practicable, to ensure that all our working practices are applied fairly and consistently and, where necessary, we will take reasonable steps to avoid or overcome any particular disadvantage these may cause and to promote equality. Dance Art Studio respects an individual’s right to choose whether or not to belong to a trade union and membership status will have no bearing on an applicant’s suitability for employment or result in any detrimental treatment when working for the us.

Students will be treated fairly irrespective of disability, gender, gender reassignment, race including colour, ethnic or national origins and nationality, religion or belief or sexual orientation. No student will be treated less favourably than others because of any of these characteristics.
We encourage parents to inform us of any disabilities, impairments or conditions (for example dyslexia or any physical, sensory or mental health condition) at the earliest opportunity so that support can be put in place where possible for a suitable class. We will take reasonable steps, wherever possible, to give opportunity for students with extra needs to take part in classes, performances and events. Each student’s needs and reasonable adjustments for classes, performances and events will be considered on a case by case basis and will be discussed with parents openly. A trial period of 3 weeks is offered to ensure the class is suitable and practical for all involved.
Dance Art Studio operates under the umbrella of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Equality and Diversity Policy (July 2016). As such, there are 2 circumstances of which teachers must be aware:
• Minimum age limits apply for entry to some examinations and qualifications. This is either to protect the health and safety of the candidates where physical development may be insufficient to meet the demands of certain syllabi, or where they are responsible for children in class.
• Certain sections of some performance examinations are designed particularly for either male of

female dancers. This reflects the realities and requirements of the dance profession and should in no way be construed as sex discrimination. Candidates, including transgender candidates may enter for their preferred syllabus according to the gender with which they choose to identify in relation to dance

Equal Opportunities Lead
Lynda Forster (Principal) is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the policy and for ensuring that all employment-related policies, procedures and practices adhere to this policy. All staff have a responsibility not to discriminate or harass other staff or customers and to report any such behaviour of which they become aware to Lynda Forster. Lynda Forster is responsible for

implementing the Equal Opportunities Policy and must apply the policy as part of their day-to-day management of Dance Art Studio, Lynda Forster has overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy and for ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and associated legislation and for observing relevant Codes of Practice. Lynda Forster will monitor the effectiveness of this policy to ensure it is achieving its objectives. Information collected for monitoring purposes will be treated as confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

Raising a Complaint of Discrimination
If you believe you have been discriminated against, you should raise the matter with Lynda Forster. Any employee who is found to have committed an act of discrimination, or breached this policy in any other way, will be subject to action under the Disciplinary Procedure, up to and including dismissal. Non–employees will be subject to appropriate formal action that may, depending on the circumstances, involve terminating any contract or agreement. Lynda Forster will also take seriously any malicious or, in its opinion, unwarranted allegations of discrimination and will take appropriate action, disciplinary or otherwise, where necessary.

Creating Equal Opportunities in the Workplace
Dance Art Studio aims to ensure equal opportunities in the workplace, from recruitment and selection to career development.
• Dance Art Studio aims to ensure that employment policies and practices, including any rules or requirements, do not directly or indirectly discriminate and are applied in a non-discriminatory manner. In particular we will ensure that all disciplinary decisions are fair and consistent.
• All individuals have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and we at Dance Art Studio

shall take reasonable steps to protect staff from discrimination, bullying or harassment and, in the event of a complaint, we will take appropriate action to prevent, as far as possible, a further occurrence. All staff are encouraged to report any incidents of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour at work, including at work social events or at formal or informal events involving staff, customers or other work-related contacts.

All Dance Art Studio staff or volunteers are to adhere to this policy, as agreed upon the signing of their contract.
Policy updated: September 2021
Lynda Forster, Dance Art Studio (Principal)

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