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Uniform is designed to be a safe and practical outfit for your child to dance in. ... Having a dress code cuts down on distractions in the classroom and allows the teacher to see a dancers alignment and posture in order to make corrections.


There are a number of reasons why having a dress code is important to our studio and values. 


Dress codes or Uniforms are a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect in the classroom. Having a set uniform across the board represents the idea that all students are equal.


Inappropriate clothing such as loose fit and outside clothing, metal zippers, and rigid fabrics can be uncomfortable and may become tripping hazards for your dancer in class, so the safest and most practical solution is to wear your dance uniform!


Overall, uniform promotes unity and inclusiveness while decreasing the risk of injury in the classroom! At Dance Art Studio, we feel that uniform encourages team spirit and gives students a sense of identity.


It is also important that hair is off the face and neckline so ideally in a bun or other appropriate style for the class.


There is also a supply of pre-owned uniforms stored at classes so please ask about these or on the DAS parents Facebook group which you can join here.

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